Review of Zombie 5K Fright Run at Six Flags New England

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11 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Wow great article. I want to try this next year if they do it again.

  2. bettylion says:

    I have a sinking feeling it might not be held this year… SFNE has it listed on their website for Oct 5, but tickets are not available to buy. When I emailed about it, they just said they’re not available yet and gave no date as to when they would go on sale. ? It’s less than 2 months away. People need to plan ahead. Ugh. Meanwhile, there is another zombie run that includes a party with food and music afterwards, in Hartford, on Oct 6th. Tickets are on sale half price at livingsocial. SF’s run sounds really interesting with the obstacles (the other one is just in a field) but I think the other zombie run is going to steal a lot participants.

    • SFNE Online says:

      I don’t think the Hartford one will have any impact on the Six Flags one. Tickets will go on sale likely in the next few weeks. It’s definitely happening so I wouldn’t worry about that.

      • bettylion says:

        well unfortunately they’re going to lose at least 4 participants because we aren’t going to run a 5k two days in a row…and the livingsocial deal is a good one.

        • SFNE Online says:

          I meant to tell you this last week but you should be able to buy the tickets now.

          • bettylion says:

            sadly no, it still says “tickets will go on sale soon.”

          • SFNE Online says:

            Go to buy a regular ticket and then select Fright Fest when the box pops up. There should be an option to buy it. In fact I just got to the step of putting in my credit card information.

            How are you trying to buy it?

          • bettylion says:

            ok i see it! thanks! wow, that was well hidden. Going to sfne>events>running events>zombie run just said “on sale soon” with no link to buy. Going to Tickets>Running Events was the same. It would have never dawned on me to click on regular admission tickets. Happy to see there is a discounted price for season pass holders!

  3. bettylion says:

    does anyone know how much the tickets were? Was there any price break for season pass holders? I emailed SFNE with some questions but they didn’t say anything about the cost in their reply.