Six Flags New England Opening Week Round Up

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10 Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    They also removed the m&m stairs.

  2. SFNE online lovah says:

    It’s great to see SFNE take care of their wooden coasters this year. Thunderbolt looks phenomenal, almost brand new. Wouldn’t expect a paint for another 10-12 years though. Cyclone is becoming a better ride. New tracking on the bunny hills, topper track, I’d say no Iron Horse for this fellow. Happy am I about that. On a different note, Bizarro really isn’t looking that good… My suggestion? Superman please. The audio sucks on Bizarro. As for Catapult, kind of disappointing to see the queue and old sign still standing. Mind Eraser has been running alright lately! There’s a plus! Flashback still is getting rougher. Get rid of it already. Whistlestop looks lame. But best of all, my Cyclone is looking better than ever before. <3
    –SFNE online lovah

  3. sfneonline2 says:

    You made a miskate on this article There was never a hot dog stand in dc where the slush factory is now It used to be fried dough and a soda cart.

  4. Blazer3012 says:

    Goliath is still close which makes me sad. They even changed the sign to say “will reopen in the summer”

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