Thunderbolt backwards during Fright Fest?

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4 Responses

  1. Guest says:

    They just re-tracked this great classic. This ride could be 5 stars again, and may move up on the lists. Backwards?! AMAZING! I love wooden coasters, and that would be a fright, even though it’s (in some ways) tame. Okay! Cyclone backwards? How about the original drop on the Cyclone? It (most likely) will come back with the topper track!! Yippee! What do you think SFNE online?

  2. Allen says:

    I’d love to ride Thunderbolt backwards. I hope someone from six flags is reading this and can make this come true.

  3. Want to experience the wooden coaster… i wish i could go there and do it

  4. bettylion says:

    Backwards isn’t my favorite thing to do (which is why I’ve put off riding Goliath) but I would do the Thunderbolt backwards in a heartbeat, just for the novelty. I rode it backwards as a kid when the park was still Riverside. I recall it being really fun. I love how it’s kind of an urban legend… not everyone believes it went backwards at any time.