Six Flags Great Adventure Opening Day 2013 Photo Trip Report

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4 Responses

  1. Don’t be too bummed. The park is most likely preparing all the other trains on the coasters for the season. We have two coasters here with one train. Unfortunately mine is one of them. Scream. The shocking thing to me is that for some reason we are slammed! I’ve NEVER seen an hour plus for Scream! I’d NEVER wait 20 mins let alone an hour PLUS! I’m sure Toro especially will have at least two trains. Remember, it is only opening day and only weekends! We are now opened EVERY day with one train on Scream and Apocalypse!

    • SFNE Online says:

      The marketing is bringing a lot of people in. Previously, they wouldn’t really advertise much. This year it seems like there are more commercials than ever.

  2. Scott Marks says:

    It seemed like Rolling Thunder (left side was the only one operating) was actually running very well. I rode last October and hated it, but last Sunday it was great. Maybe some successful track work in the off season?

    El Toro was great as always…when it was actually open. I am lucky that my 6-year-old had a good attitude about waiting (since it was her first El Toro experience and we drove 4 hours to get there)

    And 4 of the parachutes were running (even with the wind) and very little wait.

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