Review of Yankee Cannonball at Canobie

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5 Responses

  1. skiburkesurfjay says:

    Awesome ride review! I like it!

    Smoothness 4
    Airtime 4.7
    Trains 2.5
    Adrenaline 4
    Overall Fun 4.9

  2. Canobie#1 says:

    3.5? That’s it?

    As for the turn around, it didn’t really change that drastically.
    But I really like this idea of ride reviews!

    • SFNE Online says:

      Based off CanobieFan’s numbers:
      Smoothness – 4
      Airtime – 5
      Adrenaline – 3
      Overall Fun – 4
      You get 3.8 as the average.

      The concept does need tweaking. I would prefer more reader input going into the review rather than have one person do one ride. But it’s a good start.

  3. CanobieFan says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Yeah, this concept needs tweaking, but I think I’ll post these again I hope. Great to hear you enjoyed it.

    Enjoy your week!
    –CanobieFan 🙂