Cyclone at Six Flags New England is closing

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12 Responses

  1. Dennis G says:

    Why does the graphic at the top show a picture of the Texas Cyclone? Lol. Anyway, yay! Can’t wait for a Iron Cyclone (or something along those lines…)

    • SFNE Online says:

      Lol that’s what all the Riverside Cyclone logos looked like. I guess it was because it was designed before the coaster was actually built so they used Texas Cyclone.

  2. RobDX says:

    Odd how they are announcing it this early in the season AND on the 31st anniversary, and closing it so quickly. I guarantee it is getting the Iron Horse treatment

  3. SteveSnowmn says:

    Very sad to see Cyclone go. It would be cool to see them referb it into something awesome, but either way I hope the park adds another wooden coaster in the future.

  4. Dallas says:

    Anyone think they might take out flashback too in the very near future to make room for a big coaster, just a thought.

    • SFNE Online says:

      I don’t know… I mean it’s possible. But I think they would’ve announced Flashback’s removal when they announced Cyclone’s if Flashback was in fact leaving.

  5. JaxRiley says:

    Good Going SF. Ruined another classic coaster. You never take care of your rides and let them rot. I pray every ngiht that you go out of business. All you care about is the money, and your rides prove it. Course I’m a Cedar Point guy and have no reason to ever visit one of your junky parks again but Cyclone was incredible until you got your grubby paws on it and destroyed it. HOW you ever get green lights to install new ones, I’ll never know but I’d never green light your plans for adding a new coaster – you don’t know how to take care of them. SINCERELY HOPE 6 Flags goes out as a chain. You suck

  6. SFNE Online says:

    Cyclone is being replaced with Wicked Cyclone in 2015! Learn more here: