Cyclone Construction Update #1

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7 Responses

  1. bizarrofanatic says:

    cool can wait for media day

  2. Paul says:

    Exciting! What do you think IC will be like?

    • Luis Neves says:

      If it is indeed happening, then I predict that the “wave turn” will be the most heavily-modified part. Here are some of the possibilities:

      – The turn will be a bit like Iron Rattler’s helix – barrel roll, overbanked turn, steep drop. If any of the drops are steepened, a small hill or double-up might be added to avoid a flat section of track.

      – There will be another overbank going up the big hill instead of a barrel roll, and the ride will remain a non-looper

      – The whole turn will be removed and replaced with a dive loop, meaning Cyclone will lose its “twister” status.

      – The smaller turn inside the wave turn will become an overbank and a corkscrew

      – The camelback before the final bunny hops might become a zero-g stall or super Stengel dive

  3. Camthedominator says:

    To be honest, I hope it doesn’t loose it’s twister status because the iconic shape of the ride would be lost and the landscape would be greatly affected. I think that the turn around will be similar to that of Iron Rattlers and will have banked turns and possibly a barrel roll.

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