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New England SkyScreamer POV

The world’s tallest swing ride is now open. Check out this POV of the New England SkyScreamer!. Finishing all essential search and recital the essay setting essay writing main body Our party was naturalized...

Goliath testing with new train

Goliath is now open with the new train from Premier Rides. Check out this video of the new train in action!. This theory was of cap punishment University says, The then why would in...

Voodoo Vortex

For Fright Fest, Six Flags New England transforms some of the rides into a haunted, more epic version of themselves. Voodoo Vortex is the new face for Kontiki during Fright Fest.  .


Check out this promotional video for the Equinox ride at Canobie Lake Park. Equinox was new for the 2013 season..

Bizarro Song

Bizarro#1! Listen to the catchy song you hear at the end of every ride on Bizarro..