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New England SkyScreamer Construction Update #1

It”s been a little over a month since Six Flags New England closed for the season. A lot has happened in that short period of time – Taz”s Dare Devil Dive was completely removed...

Review of Zombie 5K Fright Run at Six Flags New England

By Joshua Martins. Pictures by mikem626. This is a review of the Six Flags Zombie 5K Fright Run. This all started a month ago while I was planning SFNEOnline Day / Superhero Celebration. Those that know...

Six Flags New England's new Bonzai Pipelines

Bonzai Pipelines are coming to Hurricane Harbor next year and we are definitely excited! Everything you need to know about the new slides can be found right here! Slide Stats: Height: 65 feet. Speed:...

Voodoo Vortex

For Fright Fest, Six Flags New England transforms some of the rides into a haunted, more epic version of themselves. Voodoo Vortex is the new face for Kontiki during Fright Fest.  .


Check out this promotional video for the Equinox ride at Canobie Lake Park. Equinox was new for the 2013 season..

Bizarro Song

Bizarro#1! Listen to the catchy song you hear at the end of every ride on Bizarro..